Our Vision

To be a catalyst that is facilitating DALLAS/FT.WORTH'S ambition to diversify and transform its economy, developing a new generation of business leaders, and building a prosperous future for its people.

Our Mission

By harnessing expertise and resources we generate sustainable financial returns and build businesses, clusters of expertise and whole new Industries. We bring together and manage a diverse portfolio of opportunities, investing for the long term as an active and diligent partner.

Our Values

All organizations have certain basic principles – their core values. Our values are reflected in everything we do:

Driven and Passionate

We are driven by our clarity of purpose, a sense of pride and a passion for what we do. We have been entrusted with an enormous responsibility which inspires us to strive to do the extraordinary for any and every project entrusted to us.

Collaborative and Flexible

We are one PENACO, working enthusiastically together and with our partners for our mutual benefit; searching for new and innovative ways of realizing value while maintaining the highest ethical standards and construction needs of our clients.

Unconventional, yet responsible

We are dynamic and innovative, yet retain a focused and diligent approach to realizing Value, Honor, Respect, Clarity, Honesty. Integrity, Loyalty, Passion, and the ability to Keep Moving Forward and progressing with Innovation and Proven Success.

Peñaco Industries Construction Group was setup with an extremely clear mission from the onset: to build the most Dynamic, Reputable and Profitable Construction firm in North America. We work hard every day, in hope of achieving these goals by delivering honesty, integrity, loyalty, quality, outstanding services and most of all value to our respective clients.

These ambitious goals are backed by our Company's unique attributes:

A diversified group of Builders, Architects, Engineers, Craftsmen, Laborers, Suppliers, and Employees, with a combined experience of two centuries of building knowledge, along with some of the most prestigious and dynamic institutions and leading businessmen the southern region of North America. Our unique building and construction savvy is second to none.

A board of directors that take the initiative in leading the way to finding answers, and not excuses, for newer and more economical and Earth friendly means and methods of construction.

We are one of the largest reclaimers of steel, wood, and other products, saving costs, and saving the natural commodities of our Mother Earth.

We are a growing company that seeks to expand into other building needs markets through not only organic growth, but, through acquisitions, the launch of new and rising business, through new technologies and research and development, either alone, or in partnership; with leading firms in CONUS or abroad. Our highly qualified team of experts will walk you through a maze of possibilities and scenarios throughout your building needs, with each of our experts chosen for their commitment to excellence and their oath of dedication and loyalty to making Peñaco Industries Construction Group the best in the industry.

The troubled economic times since 2008 to date has made Peñaco Industries learn to buckle-up, become a Lean & Mean Construction Machine and has understood firsthand the seriousness of "Getting Tough." Though the world is at a "Caution" state of mind, we, at Peñaco are Ready, Willing, and Able to "Move on a Continual Forward Motion" to get a jump start back into the building of our Nation & Beyond. The volatility and uncertainty of today's market has reinforced our Wisdom and our strategy that brings out our best in diversification, beginning with a Local Focus. Peñaco will continue to pursue new Contracts, procure meaningful objectives, and ascertain the ability to deliver on demand through professionalism, a disciplined and integral approach, and a non-wavering lead of clearly defined policies and criteria that balance the risk and reward.

Last but not least, we will continue to conduct our business in a clear, transparent, ethical, and to the highest standards of corporate governance on an everyday basis. This will insure that the interests and rights of our clients will remain our top priority.

As always, Peñaco Industries looks forward to further cementing our clearly defined reputation, by seeking out new and additional clients to further expand our Global Reach and our commitment to growth, profits, and a leaner way of life, success and happiness.

Santiago Peña PA
Chief Executive Officer
Peñaco Industries Group, LLC